Tuesday, January 13, 2015

New Year, New Nails

My Facebook profile reads, “I’m addicted to Mountain Dew, pedicures and laughing.”  I don’t think I’ve changed that profile since 2006 and those three facts are still very true.   Despite my addiction to pedicures though, I’ve never mastered the art of pretty fingernails.  My nails break easily so they’re always short, my index fingernails grow crooked for some reason, and long nails don’t mix well with the filing and typing I spent way too much time on.  I’m also not too keen on all that one-on-one time with the nail tech during a manicure (not to mention that scary drill).  That’s not to say I haven’t tried- I’ve had acrylic nails a few times.  When shellac nails became popular, I thought they were going to be the answer, but soon I decided they weren’t much better than acrylic.   Painting my own nails never really appealed to me either- it seems that every time I thought they were dry, I’d go back about my business and ruin them within minutes. 

A few months ago, my friend who teaches across the hall started selling Jamberry Nails.  I’ll admit I was skeptical, because nothing had ever really worked that well before.  For months, I watched her new nails each week and I was pretty impressed with the way they looked.  However, I wasn’t convinced that I could actually apply them effectively myself.  Have I mentioned I’m also not crafty and I’m terrible with hair, make-up and accessorizing?  I figured even if I ordered the nail wraps, they’d sit in the package for weeks and it would be a waste.  Then, a friend at church also started selling Jamberry.  Her nails looked so darn cute too that I was starting to cave.  I asked her if she’d show me how to apply them if I bought some.  She agreed and I was hooked!  It wasn’t hard at all to apply them as I had feared.  I actually look forward to changing them every week or so because it’s the closest I get to arts and crafts.   And taking them off is quick and painless too, which is the biggest difference from professionally done nails. 

Jamberry Nails are my newest addiction!   I’m probably even a little out of control.  Recently, Brent went to the mailbox, pulled out a Jamberry shipment, and waved it in the air saying, “It’s our weekly fingernail delivery!”  He was exaggerating slightly but he’s not far off.  I’m always plotting which ones I want to order next.  If I’ve interested you enough to want to give them a try, let me know.  I know a couple of fabulous consultants who I’m also lucky enough to call my friends!

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