Saturday, January 25, 2014

Calling All Teachers

At the beginning of the school year, I went out on a limb and uploaded some novel units I’ve created to Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT), an ingenious website where teachers can sell and purchase digital products to and from each other.  Pretty soon, I had sold about $30 worth of products and I talked to Brent about whether or not I should pay the $60 fee to upgrade to a premium seller account so I’d get a higher percentage of profits.  He said sure, we spend more than that on dinner out at times, so why not? 

It seemed too good to be true that it could be this easy to make extra money off documents I already had created, but I hesitantly upgraded my account anyway.  Now Brent picks on me because I’ve earned that $60 back more than 25 times over.  I will admit I’ve put more and more time into formatting my novel units, creating more, and tinkering with the website, but my dorky teacher self really enjoys doing it.

If you are a teacher (public school, private school, or home school), here’s what you need to know/do:

1. Check out this website regularly.  There are about 150,000 free items available for download and close to a million items for sale.  (Check out my featured free item here.)  Most items are priced more reasonably than what you would pay from a publishing company.  Looking for resources on TPT has become part of my regular lesson planning routine, and my students have benefitted from the awesome resources I’ve found.  It’s saved me a ton of time and I’ve been able to strengthen my instruction affordably and creatively.

2.  Consider becoming a TPT seller.  You can upgrade to a seller account for free to see if there would be interest in your products.  I was so surprised when my products started selling; you never know what other people are looking for.  One teacher’s strength is another teacher’s weakness, and I look at TPT as an amazing new version of collaboration!  One more thing: If you are creating a new seller account, use my referral link.  I’ll be glad to help you get started, whether you use my referral link or not- just let me know! 

3.  Even if TPT doesn’t interest you, help out a friend.  If you have a TPT account, please consider visiting my store and “following” me.  Despite what I consider a pretty good start, I only have 8 followers currently and I’m one of them- ha.   Here’s the link to my TPT store.  If you’re already selling on TPT, let me know so I can follow you back!

I’m not much one for a sales pitch and if TPT hadn’t been the most exciting find of my teaching career, I wouldn’t waste your time.  Thanks for hearing me out and take it from a skeptic – this website IS worth all the hype!

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